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Tips and Tricks for Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Travel

We are here to provide tips and tricks for dairy-free and gluten-free travel!  

We love to travel…. and we have food allergies. That isn’t the greatest combo! But we make it work. How? Check out our Paleo and grain-free recipes for the road and our Allergy-Free Eats section for dairy-free and gluten-free travel tips! We also provide great travel destinations and share some allergy-friendly restaurants nearby!


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Get a Glimpse of Indianapolis’s Best Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Restaurants

I’ve had ample opportunities to check out dairy-free and gluten-free restaurants in Indianapolis. Fortunately, there are a lot more options these days than there used to be! After much consideration, here are a few options, check out the post to see all 11 options!

  • Café Patachou
  • Harry & Izzy’s
  • Condado
  • Tinker Street
  • Top Out Cafe
  • Public Greens

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Are Saying

Fascinating! Ok the open mouth is creepy, just have to say! But I’d go to any of the other spots in a heartbeat! I think it may be time to travel south! 
Yum! This sweet potato hash looks AMAZING! I love a good hash. I’ll be adding this dish to my vegan Thanksgiving meal!

Hitting the Road Soon? Here are our Grain-Free Snack Suggestions!

Anyone who’s living grain-free probably has a story to tell about getting stuck traveling without grain-free snacks. Because I eat mostly grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, I have several stories!

If you avoid gluten or all grains and are looking for some ideas for on-the-go snacking, here are a few options for the car, the airport, or even just a day out with the family. And, better yet, all of these are also dairy-free!

Going Camping? Here are our Paleo Camping Recipes!

A Paleo diet should not hold you back from enjoying delicious camping food. It just takes a little more planning to make paleo camping recipes! You got this!

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