Gluten-free beignets at Disney World in a bowl with powdered sugar on top
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Gluten-Free Beignets at Disney World: Port Orleans French Quarter’s Hidden Gem

One of the best gluten-free treats at Disney World is the beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. They are absolutely delicious! Today we’ll discuss how to get some of these gluten-free beignets at Disney World!

Since going gluten and dairy-free, I have been all over Disney World… the parks, the resorts, and Disney springs. So far, the gluten-free beignets at Disney World are my absolute favorite sweet treat!

Not only are the beignets gluten-free, they are also dairy-free! While there are several dairy-free ice cream and DOLE whip options available, it’s nice to have a baked option available! And the beignets are delicious!

Did you know you can visit Disney World resorts without staying at them? It’s true! We have visited 13 of the resorts.

In this post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know to get these delicious, gluten-free beignets (that are also dairy-free!).

Where are the Gluten-Free Beignets at Disney World?

There is only one place to get the gluten-free and dairy-free beignets at Disney World. That is Port Orleans French Quarter Resort located just northwest of Disney Springs and south of Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

The lobby of Port Orleans French Quarter where you can get the gluten-free beignets

The quick service cafe called Scat Cat’s Club Cafe serves the beignets. It is just to the left of the lobby upon entering the resort (the location pictured above). The gluten-free beignets are not listed on their menu, but you can still get them!

How Do I Get to Port Orleans French Quarter? Where are the Beignets?

There are a few ways to get to Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

  • You can drive right to the resort. This is our favorite option on our last day at Disney as we’re driving out of the area.
  • You can park at Disney Springs (the outdoor mall) and take a bus to Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. You’ll want to go to the bus lot located on the south side of Disney Springs and find the bus headed to the resort.
  • You can park at Disney Springs and take a water taxi over to Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. This may be the slowest option, but the boat ride is lovely. Go to Sassagoula Steamboat Co. Boat Launch located on the far northeast side of Disney Springs by Rainforest Cafe. You will actually exit the mall and head to the left towards Saratoga Springs. Find the ferry line with purple flags. All boats with purple flags will take you to Port Orleans French Quarter.
The water taxi to Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside.

The beignets are at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe, located in the main building at the front of the resort which also holds a check-in area, a gift shop, and a cafeteria. If you arrive by car or bus, it should be easy to find. If you arrive by boat, go past the swimming pool, and the main building will be soon after.

Do I Need a Reservation for the Gluten-Free Beignets?

No! Because Scat Cats is a quick-service option, you do not need a reservation to order the beignets! And, while it is very common at Disney World to need a dining reservation in order to park at a Disney World resort, I have never had an issue driving in. Just let the security guard know you are ordering beignets, and they should let you in.

How Do I Order the Gluten-Free Beignets?

Unfortunately, unlike most items available for order on the My Disney Experience App, you will have to order the beignets in person. Both the gluten-free beignets and regular beignets are not available to order online.

Let the cashier know your allergies. At this point, they will probably fill out a card to make sure the order is correct. That card will go to one person at Scat Cat Cafe who will personally make your order. This is true of lots of restaurants around Disney when you order allergy-friendly menu items, like these several gluten and dairy-free restaurants at Magic Kingdom.

My beignet orders usually take 10-20 minutes to arrive, a little longer than others but not much. And they are very worth the wait! Hot and fresh!

A woman holding up a plate of gluten-free beignets at Disney World

Do I Have All of the Same Non-Gluten-Free Beignet Options?

Unfortunately, no. Don’t get me wrong…. the dairy-free and gluten-free beignets are absolutely delicious! But the gluten-free and dairy-free ones will be rectangular while the regular ones are mickey-shaped.

Here are pictures of mine vs. my husband’s.

Gluten-free beignets and holiday-themed beignets  at Scat Cat Cafe
A beignet with caramel sauce at Port Orleans French Quarter

Additionally, gluten-free and dairy-free individuals do not have every choice for dipping sauces. My husband has the choice of salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and strawberry dipping sauces.

I had the strawberry dipping sauce available to me.

Disney Claims:

  • the chocolate ganache dipping sauce has gluten and dairy in it
  • the salted caramel dipping sauce is not dairy-free but is gluten-free in nature. However, they cannot guarantee cross-contamination (much harder with a sauce than with the beignets themselves)
  • the strawberry dipping sauce is dairy-free and gluten-free. (Same as above. Cross-contamination can be an issue)
A gluten-free beignet at Disney World with strawberry dipping sauce

There are also holiday-themed beignets that will likely not be available to gluten-free and dairy-free individuals. Honestly, though, my husband said he likes the regular beignet better than the Halloween-themed Goulish Delight ones he got anyway! So it sounds like we’re not missing out on much!

He loved the regular beignet with the warm caramel sauce!

Are the Gluten-Free Beignets at Disney World Worth It?

I know it’s not the easiest to access the gluten-free beignets at Disney World. You cannot find them at any of the four parks or at Disney Springs. But, believe me, they are worth the trouble!

Honestly, I’ve had some great donuts in the Midwest (probably the best in Cleveland), but these beignets are on a level of their own! They are hot, fresh, fluffy, and delectable! I could go on and on!

You will not regret taking the time out of your schedule to get to Port Orleans French Quarter Resort for the beignets!

Even better, stay at the resort and grab some daily! They are so much better hot and fresh!

The Port Orleans French Quarter gift shop with my gluten-free beignets to go

And I love them so much it took everything in me not to splurge on these beignet mickey ears!

If only our gluten-free ones could be mickey-shaped! I wouldn’t have been able to resist!

Summary of the Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Beignets at Disney World

The gluten-free and dairy-free beignets at Disney World are one of the best gluten-free Disney World treats. It may take time to get there, but the beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort are worth the time!

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2 months ago

I love that Disney World does such a great job taking care of people with food restraints. I would love one of those beignets right now!

2 months ago

How wonderful! Beignets are so tasty. I enjoyed trying them in New Orleans. I’m glad they have gluten-free options!

2 months ago

I’d like to try a Beignet. It’s handy that you covered the gluten-free Beignet options at Disney World.

2 months ago

I love beignets! And it’s hard to find them gluten free. Thanks for letting me know how to find them when at Disney World.

2 months ago

I love beignets! That’s so awesome you found gluten-free ones that taste great at Disney World’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

2 months ago

These look gorgeous! How amazing that you can get them gluten free an you’re able to enjoy them without the consequences!

Stacey Billingsley
2 months ago

I love Disney and I love beignets! It’s so great that there are more gluten-free options for people these days. More people can enjoy the yumminess!