Dairy-free and gluten-free food at Hollywood Studios at Docking Bay 7, flavored chicken meatballs, rice, and broccoli and a kids meal
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Docking Bay 7: Kids Meals and Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Food at Hollywood Studios

Docking Bay 7 is a great option for anyone looking for quick dairy-free and gluten-free food at Hollywood Studios. Today we’re going to dive into where it is located, what dairy-free and gluten-free food is available, and even how to save money at Disney World by ordering kid’s meals.

My husband and I took a road trip through Orlando recently and decided to buy Disney World park hopper tickets. We were excited to see Hollywood Studios, especially the new(ish) Star Wars area called Galaxy’s Edge!

As I did research on Hollywood Studios leading up to our trip, I realized that not only did the Galaxy’s Edge have some of the best rides at Hollywood Studios, it also had good food!

Vibe of Docking Bay 7

Docking Bay 7 is a quick-service restaurant at Hollywood Studios. We did not want to spend time sitting down to eat (too many shows to see and rides to ride!), so it was nice to find a restaurant that could make our food quickly.

Visitors can expect to feel like they have entered a factory/hanger for a Star Wars rebel base. It feels very industrial and retro.

Where is Docking Bay 7 at Hollywood Studios?

Docking Bay 7 is located in the Star Wars area of Hollywood Studios at Disney World. It is right next to the ride Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run.

The theme at Docking Bay 7 is a Star Wars rebel base

We had originally planned to try Ronto Roasters for their famous Ronto wraps, but, upon arrival around 7pm, we discovered it was closed for the day. I now know it often closes mid-afternoon, so don’t plan to go for dinner!

However, we saw a sign saying the Ronto wraps could be found at Docking Bay 7, a quick-service restaurant next door. In our hungry state, we knew going over to Docking Bay 7 was our best option.

Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Food at Docking Bay 7

I am gluten-free and dairy-free. When I got to the cashier to order and told her I had food allergies, she immediately pulled out the Docking Bay 7 food allergy menu while also calling the chef to meet me.

My choices were…

  • Fried Endorian Chicken Tip Yip
  • Pirjanad Hot Chicken Tip Yip (This is what we got as an adult meal)
  • Batuuan Beef and Crispy Topato Stir Fry
  • Peka Tuna Poke
  • Kids’ Fried Chicken Tip Yip (This was our kids meal)
  • Kids’ Takodana Veggie Dippers
Docking Bay 7's menu of dairy-free and gluten-free food at Hollywood Studios.

I was disappointed to not see Ronto wraps on the menu and later, when I looked at the menu online, was kicking myself for not asking the chef. It looks like they could have made one for me after 3pm when Rontos Roasters is closed! The one question would have been, could the gluten-free pita bread also be dairy-free? I know they use Against the Grain Pita Bread for gluten-free orders, but it has dairy in it.

But I was excited to get some veggies by ordering broccoli as a side (I’ve found veggies are harder to get in your diet on vacation!), so it was probably a good thing the wraps didn’t work out. One day I’ll hopefully try the Ronto wraps!

Kids Meals at Docking Bay 7

One of the best ways to save money at Disney is to order kids meals! (Another way to save money is to bring a water bottle to Disney World.) Adults can order kids meals at any quick-service restaurant.

Kid's meal at Docking Bay 7 with a chicken nugget or meatball, rice, and broccoli with water
Kids meal from Docking Bay 7

And the amount of food they give you in a kids meal is almost as much as adult portions! If you plan to buy some snacks throughout the day, then a kids meal at Disney World is more than enough!

The biggest challenge with the kids meals are the options available. Not every adult meal is offered as a kids meal. In fact, most are not! The kids meals are usually more bland and less flavorful. But that’s what kids often like!

Our Experience at Docking Bay 7: Eating Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Food at Hollywood Studios

Ordering at Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Meal at Hollywood Studios

Disney World is amazing with food allergies. Where else could you go to get fast food and have a chef meet you at the counter to discuss what they can offer?!

Ordering food at Docking Bay 7. The chef will come out to help those with food allergies
Disney chefs will come out to discuss your food allergies and then personally make your meal

Then, if that’s not enough, that same chef went back in the kitchen and personally made my meal to prevent cross-contamination. He even handed the meal to us as another precaution.

Disney World is amazing!

Our Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Food at Hollywood Studios

The flavor of the Pirjinad Hot Chicken was wonderful! The chicken was more like a meatball, but the sauce was tasty! I would not have personally chosen to have two large chicken meatballs instead of several smaller ones, but it was filling enough.

A dairy-free and gluten-free food at Hollywood Studios at Docking Bay 7

We also didn’t need a large meal. We planned to grab dairy-free ice cream at Hollywood Scoops an hour or two later on our way to Fantasmic.

The adult meal also did not come with a drink. But that didn’t bother us because we knew we could get free water at the front where the orders are sent out.

The kids meal at Docking Bay 7 was pretty bland with no flavoring on the chicken. It was more like a big chicken nugget. But I know how much kids sometimes like bland food, especially chicken nuggets!

Personally, I would probably go back to Docking Bay 7 and get the adult meal. But I would probably not order the kid’s meal again. Instead, I would try to save money at Disney by ordering a kids meal at another quick-service restaurant at Hollywood Studios.

Summary of Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Food at Docking Bay 7

Docking Bay 7 would not be my first choice for a gluten-free and dairy-free meal at Hollywood Studios. However, I was impressed by the number of choices and love that guests can save money by ordering kids meals. If you’re looking for a filling and convenient meal around the Star Wars area at Hollywood Studios, Docking Bay 7 is a great option.

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7 months ago

I love that they got the chef involved in your gluten free dairy free order. Disney definately practicies the best customer service.

7 months ago

I would love to stop in to Hollywood studios for a good meal! Great option

7 months ago

Great dairy-free and gluten-free options at Hollywood Studios! I would love to try some of these meals.

7 months ago

I just love Disney! We will have to try this

Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore
7 months ago

Disney World does do well with offering options for those of us with food allergies and sensitivities. This is great info to know!

7 months ago

Docking Bay 7 sounds like a perfect option for quick dairy-free and gluten-free food at Hollywood Studios. And that’s so awesome the chef came out personally to talk with you.

7 months ago

It’s good to know there are so many dairy-free and gluten-free options available now compared to when I was coming up! Especially in commercial areas such as Hollywood studios!

Lisa, Casey, Barrett Dog
Lisa, Casey, Barrett Dog
7 months ago

Hollywood Studios is amazing. It is always good to have dairy and gluten free options for kids.