Trick-or-Treat Bucket with Non-candy Ideas like stickers, glow sticks, pencils, stamps, and more

Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats | Giveaway Ideas

If you’re looking for some great, non-candy Halloween treats that don’t put children with food allergies at risk, we’ve got you covered!

Having so many food restrictions myself, I rarely find a type of candy I can eat. Chocolate treats often contain dairy, and sweet candies often contain corn syrup.

If I do get candy, it’s usually only found at the health food store. And you know what that means… $$$.

Why Pass Out Non-Candy Halloween Treats?

Kids with food allergies often get the short end of the stick when it comes to trick-or-treating.

Sure they get to wear a fun costume and walk around the neighborhood with their siblings or friends. But they are often offered a candy bowl full of candy they just can’t have.

You can help make their Halloween experience just as fun as the kid next to them!

So what do you give to children that also have food allergies or can’t have food dyes and yet want to enjoy Trick-or-Treat alongside their siblings and friends?

Here are a few great non-candy Halloween treat ideas!

Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project was started to bring awareness to life-threatening allergies that can be found in so many trick-or-treat handouts. The project also gives kids with these allergies a chance to enjoy the holiday without being at risk.

Anyone wishing to provide non-candy Halloween treats can use a teal pumpkin to pass out the non-edible treats. Families with allergies know there is something safe available for their children.

Non-Candy Halloween Treats

But what exactly do you hand out?

I’ve broken up this list into two categories: For Younger Children and For Older Children. Of course, you’ll likely put all of the great goodies into one bucket. But, ideally, you would have a few things on each list to satisfy a great group of children.

Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Younger Children

Stickers that are both Halloween and non-Halloween themed on a wood table for a few examples of non-candy Halloween treat ideas
Stamps and packs of crayons are some non-candy Halloween ideas

Stamps and Stickers- A Cheap and Easy Idea for a Non-Candy Halloween Treat!

What young child doesn’t love a stamp or sticker?! I have worked with preschoolers for many years and can testify that stamps and stickers are some of the cheapest and most loved treats you can give a young child.

Bubbles- A Non-Candy Halloween Treat that’s Sure to be a Crowd Pleaser!

You can never go wrong with bubbles for kids! I have often found containers of bubbles at the dollar store for $1. And yet it can keep a child busy for an hour! You could also look for the little packages that come in bulk, like those used at weddings.


Mini Play-Doh containers are a great handout for younger trick-or-treaters. They can go home and build something fun with their handout! Here’s an option of a multi-pack from Amazon that would allow you to serve 24 kids.

Crayon Packs

A pack of four crayons like this one can be purchased in bulk for a very reasonable price! Any extras can be used for other fun activities. We handed these out at our wedding with coloring pages for the kids.

Party Beads

These are fun at any get-together! Why not pass them out at Halloween?! And the child that loves jewelry will especially love getting beads!

Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Older Children

Mechanical pencils and highlighters all lined up like a rainbow of colors
Glow Sticks are great non-candy Halloween treats

Fidget Toys

Some kids want (and actually need) to have something to do with their hands while listening or trying to focus. Fidget toys are a great option to keep their mind focused while their hands stay busy. Here is a multi-pack of fidget toys that would be perfect for giving away on Halloween!

Temporary Tattoos- A Fun Idea for a Non-Candy Halloween Treat!

I remember my niece used to load her arms with fake tattoos! Kids love putting a temporary tattoo of their favorite character on.

Glow Sticks- Another Fun Idea for a Non-Candy Halloween Treat!

Glow sticks are a particularly great option for those participating in Trick-or-Treat events that are in the later evening or at campgrounds. But they can be fun for all children.

Pencils, Markers, and Highlighters

These can be fun for the older child that loves drawing. And, hey, any child could use a few more pencils at school some way into the school year!

For some healthy, fall recipes, check out our post here at Delicious Fall Apple Recipes (all Paleo and Gluten-Free).

Summary of Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Passing out candy to kids can expose the child with food allergies to something that could really harm them. But, let’s face it, it’s also not healthy for children to eat tons of candy!

These non-candy Halloween treat giveaway ideas will be very much appreciated by the family with a child that cannot have candy!

Several Halloween giveaway ideas including stamps, stickers, fidget spinners, pencils, bead necklaces, and even fun coins
You could even find some fun coins to pass out with the other non-candy, trick-or-treat giveaways!
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2 years ago

I think this is a great idea! So many of my friends have children with severe nut allergies. These poor kids felt left out at Halloween. Having none edible items available would make so many kids happy!

Dee Dee
2 years ago

These are great! Just today someone in our neighborhood group posted that their child has a feeding tube, and she is worried how disappointed she will be if there is nothing suitable for her at trick or treat. I hope more people incorporate your ideas in their trick or treat goodies!

2 years ago

These are fun ideas!!

2 years ago

This is an awesome idea. I have to be honest I never thought about the kids with allergies. Now that I know I will be making an allergy-free pumpkin treat option.

Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith
2 years ago

What an awesome idea to have a separate bucket with non candy items to hand out. Hadn’t thought about this

Cecile Leger
2 years ago

These are great ideas. A very thoughtful list for every age.

2 years ago

These are great suggestions. I always appreciate the non-candy items as a parent myself!

Terra Booth
2 years ago

These are great ideas! We always do up bags for kids with allergies and offer the option.

2 years ago

Loooove this post! Glow sticks are so much fun, especially as it starts getting darker earlier. We’ve also received little spider rings and Halloween erasers too. The dollar store has so many fun and affordable treats.

Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore
2 years ago

These are fun ideas! Since I avoid sugar and animal products, I like handing out alternative treats.

Sabrina DeWalt
2 years ago

Having non-candy options for Halloween is a great idea.

Brandi Sunrises2Sunsets

Love these ideas! I’m always happiest when my kids get non-candy treats.


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